How CBD Works to Calm Seizures

How CBD Works to Calm Seizures

Posted by Orville Redenbarker on Sep 9th 2020

Today, we would love to share the effects of CBD for Intractable Epilepsy, as researched by Narda Robinson, DO, DVM. To note, much of the data below was originally published in the June 2014 issue of Veterinary Practice News): 

CBD reduces pain, inflammation, and anxiety as well as seizure activity;

Decades of research indicate that CBD yields notable anticonvulsant effects with minimal neurotoxicity. It reliably reduces neuronal activity and seizure severity… CBD affects several endogenous cannabinoid pathways simultaneously, demonstrating a multiplicity of neuropharmacological mechanisms of action.

It works additively and at times synergistically with other anti-epileptic drugs; this allows clinicians to more readily introduce CBD into a seizure patient’s drug regimen without reducing the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals already “on board.”

As it turns out, the nervous, lymphatic and possibly other systems within the body already house cannabinoid receptors, making them already prepared to respond to both phyto- and endo-cannabinoids regulate neuronal excitability. When it falters, an “endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome” may result, associated not only with seizures but also with the onset of fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine and other maladaptive states…

In fact, many integrative approaches for epilepsy also affect endocannabinoid states, including acupuncture along with certain nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, dietary changes, and, of course, hemp.

A recent study by Colorado State University found that among those with an opinion, 92% of participants found that hemp products helped to relieve dog seizures to some degree.For some the reduction was more significant than for others.

Studies on the use of CBD in animals are few. However, many initial studies show that the benefits for any mammal is similar to the benefit for humans.All mammals have an endo-cannabinoid system. Anecdotal reports seem to confirm various benefits of CBD for pets including relief from pain, arthritis, seizures, anxiety and lack of appetite. Animal caregivers have also reported positive outcomes in addressing irritable bowel syndrome, noise phobias and separation anxiety.

The Department of Clinical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, conducted a study to assess which hemp products pet owners purchase, the reasons for their purchases, and the perceived value of these products to pets’ health. An anonymous online survey of pet owners, who were customers of an online hemp product supplier, yielded 632 responses:

58.8% of responders indicated they were currently using a hemp product for their dog.
77.6% of dog owners were using the product for an illness or condition that had been diagnosed by a veterinarian; the most common conditions included seizures, cancer, anxiety and arthritis.
11.93% of participants were using hemp products for cats.
81.8% of cat owners were using the product for a veterinarian-diagnosed condition; most common were seizures, cancer, anxiety and arthritis.

For dogs, reported positive results from the use of hemp products were highest for pain relief (64.3%), followed by help with sleep (50.5%), and relief from anxiety (49.3%). The most frequently reported side effects were sedation (22.0%) and over-active appetite (15.9%). For cats, the areas reported to be most positively impacted were pain relief (66.0%), inflammation reduction (56.3%), and help with sleep (44.0%). The most common side effects in cats were also sedation (19.2%) and over-active appetite (16.0%). Side effects were rarely noted as a reason for discontinuing a product. The reason most often given for using the products was the preference for a natural remedy.

The results of this study support the growing number of anecdotal accounts of the successful use of CBD and other hemp products for pets. It also provides guidance for further research and clinical trials on hemp’s use for pets in areas such as pain management, sleep disorders, anxiety, and inflammation reduction.

CBD is available for pets in various forms including edibles (treats), tinctures and mouth sprays. Our formulations combine specific cannabinoids to contribute to the overall well-being of your pet.

Buy with care for your best friend. Not all CBD pet products are tested for purity and may not disclose all ingredients or by-products. There are a limited number of studies that have established dosage levels for CBD in pets so always consult a trusted veterinarian before administering or if you have questions about its use.

We love our furry friends and our quality CBD products made from industrial hemp have been produced with the finest ingredients and purest hemp oil for the best benefit of your pet.