Getting Ahead of Your Tail: Using CBD to Prevent

Getting Ahead of Your Tail: Using CBD to Prevent

Posted by Two Children in a St Bernard Costume on Sep 22nd 2020

Just like people some animals are more prone to anxiety. Unfortunately, there are some things that are impossible to explain to our pets; like fireworks or thunder storms. Do you ever look at your dog or cat during a thunderstorm or when someone has just knocked on the door or when a neighbor’s car alarm has gone off and see that fearful look in their eyes? A lot of the time our pets cannot control their anxiety or fear and there is no way for us to explain it to them.

People are social, and it’s difficult to have a pet that panics when there are strangers in their home.During the holidays people are sometimes in costumes that are frightening to a pet, social gatherings and parties can cause a massive change to their environment and noise, when traveling our furry friends are often scared or uncomfortable.They can get aggressive, hide or even run away.

Separation anxiety is another common issue that Purity Petibles can help prevent.Oftentimes our dogs and cats panic when left alone, they can cry, whine, bark, urinate, howl, dig and tear apart a house from anxious fits.This can occur when you leave the pet during the day, for a trip, travel or even just running errands. For some animals, anxiety is the worst at night time even when you are home and just in the other room.What would it be like to lessen the symptoms of anxiety and help restore balance to your pet? Although these symptoms are behavioral it is worth exploring the use of CBD in conjunction with training to help alleviate separation anxiety.

Purity Petibles with pure CBD hemp oil is a great solution for your pet’s anxiety prevention.

There are multiple scientific studies showing the positive effects of Cannabidiol(CBD) for a multitude of health conditions- including anxiety reduction.When CBD enters an animal’s endocannabinoid system, specific receptors found throughout the body and brain are activated. These are the only receptors in the body that allow communication back and forth between body systems. Essentially, CBD makes it easier for the body to calm down and relieve tension and anxiety, because receptors in the endocannabinoid system can now “speak” to each other.It calms the fight or flight response and makes an animal calmer in almost any situation.It is also anti-inflammatory and great for treating pain.

Our CBD hemp oil is extracted using no chemical solvents, it is safe for your pets; they can never over-dose, and it is non-psychoactive.

Whether you are looking to prevent pet anxiety during the trick or treating season or if you’re traveling with your dog or cat, Purity Petibles with pure hemp CBD oil will help. Make sure that you start giving it to your pets as soon as possible so their Endocannabinoid system can function at optimal levels. We suggest giving Purity Petibles products to your dog or cat about 30 minutes before any anxiety causing event begins.If something unpredictable happens, please allow 20-30 minutes for Purity Petibles to have its full effect.

Let’s enjoy our pets, and help them enjoy every moment, too!